Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Post op visit #2

Well.... the good news... no major damage from the fall on Sunday.  My surgery is still holding :-)  My 3rd metatarsal might have moved slightly but not enough to be significant.
I had my stitches taken out. My doctor let me photograph it after. In some respects its so amazing and my mind gleefully disconnects... but pain usually brings me back in to my body.
The problem is every time I see him... my foot gets unwrapped, procedures, and then rewrapped. The night that follows is always a hard one.  I think last night I discovered this one is a nerve issue because I raised my toes providing counter pressure with the ace bandages and the pain kind of quit.  I am going to have to take issue with this nerve stuff but.... not looking forward to it.  The pain is constantly changing and its hard to know what I am dealing with. I also get this weird tingling sensation like goose bumps in a particular section of my leg.  Doctor says that's a nerve issue.
I am tired of hurting and tired of being tired.  Perhaps I will cheer up when my friend comes to visit.


  1. Did I cheer you up? Lol love you, so glad you are blogging!

    1. Of course you cheered me. Sorry I didnt tuck that in here. You did more for me than you can possibly know.

  2. Did I cheer you up? Lol love you, so glad you are blogging!

  3. I'm having the same experience with different types of pain and trying to adjust when the cast is removed then replaced. It's like the foot has to mold to the different shape and the cast is pushing on a bunch of bruises.