Sunday, September 27, 2015

Reminder that it gets better

Below is someone else's experience from the lisfranc club on fb.  I just needed to keep this for myself... i am not even 7 werks post surgery but I battle feeling defeated by yhd inability to do things. Still need withdraw from my college classes... checking out from my life has been emotionally harder than i could give credit.

'10 weeks post op - still fatigue, swelling and soreness. 5 months post op - walked all over Charleston, including up and down steps on aircraft carrier and cobblestone while carrying a 20lb baby:) It does get better!'

Saturday, September 26, 2015

More reasons to feel loved

I keep intermittently getting gifts in some form or another from those that love me.  I never could have guessed at how much they lift me. Today I recieved a present in the mail loaded with stuff I like.  It made me realize that its so nice to be cared about. Friends and family have made time for me, taken me places, and done things for me.  Each one on its own is generous and nice... but together... well when I think of how much I am loved it overwhelms me and the tears spring to my eyes.

Thank you doesnt begin to cover it!

Friday, September 25, 2015

64 days post injury

Yes, things are now marked in days, weeks, doctor appointments and anything major involving 'the foot'.

Its been 64 days since I broke my foot. 45 days since I had surgery. 3 days since the k wires have been removed.

At the last appointment the k wires were taken out and I couldn't bend my foot to a 90 degree angle aka flat, so it's 2 more weeks of non weightbearing. My calf on 'the foot' side has lost a lot of muscle.  While I had read this in other people's experiences I didnt know how to combat the problem. I have done various leg lift excersizes but those dont really work the calf.  Physical therapy will start once I can get my foot flat.  My doctor made me this handy lil wedge that i can remove layers every 4 days to work towards getting my foot flat. So, its really slow but it is progress.

Trying to keep my spirits up. Family and friends have been great about social calls in various forms. I am more grateful to them than they will ever know.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pins out today

Having the pins pulled out is an intetesting experience.  Its not exactly painful in the traditional sense... but it is painful. (Disregard that date, its a borrowed package to carry the k-wires home in)

As usual I amappreciative of having a good doctor who is patient and kind. He took several breaks for me. Taking them out at my speed.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Feeling better...

I guess the no news is good news philosophy applies. I have been weaning myself off the pain meds. My foot hurts but a bearable amount. I now just mostly hangout, tryimg to be productive on some level. Right now its paperwork and tunes with my bed being the new desk.

Friday, September 11, 2015

50 days non weight bearing

Its been 50 days since my injury.  50 days of NWB (non weight bearing).  50 days since I drove a car, went grocery shopping (thank god for family), or freely did what I wanted with out a babysitter of sorts lol.

Its been 31 days since my surgery.  31 days of various foot wrappings to cover the k-wires in my foot.  31 days to think...  nothing but think for endless hours and endless days.

13 days till my kwires, or pins, or metal things in my foot... what ever you want to call it, they come out.  13 days till i begin that arduous task of relearning to walk on my right foot again.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New problem

Well... i thru my legs down just like the good ole days and went to stand up and within secods my body was teling me @! $$/#$$/#!':"$^/$& are you kidding me.  I see the new problem, not having so much  pain to tell your brain hey wake up this isnt your regularly scheduled life yet. That boot is an illusion of super protected strength and abilities.

I had a doctors appointment earlier today, so I hope its fine. Ironically my question to him was, 'How worried do I need to be about reinjuring myself'?  He said I made it through that last fall and held so I should be good, and later in the visit reminded me that I need to be patient and take care.  The deal is I hate it when I forshadow my own life. Its not a movie, I don't have free licence to be stupid now that the official you're ok has been given. Heavy sigh... life...what are ya gonna do???

Maybe i need to put a bell on my foot in the day to remind me not to be stupid.  Blahhh!

Photo documentary

If your squeamish, perhaps this one isn't for you.  I am a photographer and an artist.  I couldn't refrain from documenting such a major experience.  As a patient I had no idea what I was in for.  My doctor is patient, kind, considerate and allowed me to photograph my foot.  He is lucky I didn't ask him for photos in the O.R.  Yeah I know I am a bit crazy... its just me. I will try to add in photos from my cell as I can.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day dreaming of a better story

A few weeks ago a friend and I had been joking about what would make a better story.  In a lecture I viewed online about Lisfranc injuries he listed off some examples.  I cant lie, that would be such a better story.  For example: when I was on vacation  (insert beautiful location), I was windsurfing....  or was I saling? ...was it that time horseback riding?... so many great possibilities so little time...