Sunday, November 29, 2015

Crutch free

I forgot to post (good sign right?). 

On November 19th at therapy I was made to walk crutch free. That night I had a bought of determination and decided that I wanted to remain crutch free so begining November 20th I am oficially crutch free with one exception. My exception is the swimming pool, its slippery so I use my knee walker and have my sister help/spot me. I use the boot at night when my foot is tired but mostly I am device free. Seams like its taken forever and I still experience pain and swelling but my hobble is slowly looking like a walk.

I so miss driving that I am thinking of sneaking out to the car and seeing what it feels like. I am unsure how the movement will be so just going down the road and back. Nothing major as I am still legally liable until the doctor clears me, but I see him later this week :-) 

Dreaming of embracing my new freedom with christmas lights and hot chocolate, maybe even some shopping.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

One Crutch

I am recovering slowly but successfully.   I havent posted in a while because I am doing well.  Although,  it seemed an update might be in order.

Last Friday I went swimming for the first time and this week began alternating swimming and physical therapy. In the pool I walk small laps in the shallow end then swim when my foot is tired, for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Therapy sessions now include a variety of the following:  antigravity treadmill,  seated stepper with rounded half balls put on the foot plates, balance board, an isometric machine, manual stimulation, and e-stem.  After an hour or more of this I am quite fatigued.

I  am not progressing fast but I can tell soon I will be walking without the crutch. I have quit my boot also, just a few days ago. I am thinking i will try to use the boot and no crutches .... play with what works.

I believe today is 14 weeks post surgery.

I have been wanting to do fun winter things like go ice skating.  My son is sweet and told me he would go ice skating with me. My thought is that this is a good sign. State of mind is deffinately part of a long recovery.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Feeling foot successful

Had a great day of therapy today!  Worked on the aero G, or the antigravity treadmill for 5 min at 68%weight then 10 min at 70%weight.  The seated step machine with round pads under my feet for maybe 4 to 6 min which really worked my calf, ankle, and foot on my broken foot side.

These times and amounts seem so small and it seems forever having gotten to this point but I am progressing and its exciting.  I cant wait to drive again! 

I am hoping to keep up my good work and walk solely with one crutch.  Pain has finally subsided and I enjoyed muscle fatigue in my right calf and foot.  I never thought I would be happy about muscle fatigue,  guess its all in what you have to compare too.