Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New problem

Well... i thru my legs down just like the good ole days and went to stand up and within secods my body was teling me @! $$/#$$/#!':"$^/$& are you kidding me.  I see the new problem, not having so much  pain to tell your brain hey wake up this isnt your regularly scheduled life yet. That boot is an illusion of super protected strength and abilities.

I had a doctors appointment earlier today, so I hope its fine. Ironically my question to him was, 'How worried do I need to be about reinjuring myself'?  He said I made it through that last fall and held so I should be good, and later in the visit reminded me that I need to be patient and take care.  The deal is I hate it when I forshadow my own life. Its not a movie, I don't have free licence to be stupid now that the official you're ok has been given. Heavy sigh... life...what are ya gonna do???

Maybe i need to put a bell on my foot in the day to remind me not to be stupid.  Blahhh!

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  1. That has crossed my mind as well. What if I woke up one morning and stood up, on two feet, half awake? I think the fear of pain, having the soft cast on and my leg elevated is saving me now, but I could see that happening weeks from now. A bell may not be a bad idea. ;)