Friday, September 25, 2015

64 days post injury

Yes, things are now marked in days, weeks, doctor appointments and anything major involving 'the foot'.

Its been 64 days since I broke my foot. 45 days since I had surgery. 3 days since the k wires have been removed.

At the last appointment the k wires were taken out and I couldn't bend my foot to a 90 degree angle aka flat, so it's 2 more weeks of non weightbearing. My calf on 'the foot' side has lost a lot of muscle.  While I had read this in other people's experiences I didnt know how to combat the problem. I have done various leg lift excersizes but those dont really work the calf.  Physical therapy will start once I can get my foot flat.  My doctor made me this handy lil wedge that i can remove layers every 4 days to work towards getting my foot flat. So, its really slow but it is progress.

Trying to keep my spirits up. Family and friends have been great about social calls in various forms. I am more grateful to them than they will ever know.

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  1. Very interesting, how you can remove the blue pads within your own comfort zobe.