Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day dreaming of a better story

A few weeks ago a friend and I had been joking about what would make a better story.  In a lecture I viewed online about Lisfranc injuries he listed off some examples.  I cant lie, that would be such a better story.  For example: when I was on vacation  (insert beautiful location), I was windsurfing....  or was I saling? ...was it that time horseback riding?... so many great possibilities so little time...


  1. How did you injure your foot? I fractured my lisfranc ligament and my sesamoid bone by taking an extra large step (to avoid kicking a toad that hopped in front of my right foot) and landing on the arch of my left foot.

  2. I missed the last 2 stairs and landed on concrete. I heard a snap but was in denial. It was late at night so I iced it and then went to bed, by morning I knew I was in trouble because the weight of the blanket was hurting.

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