Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Feeling foot successful

Had a great day of therapy today!  Worked on the aero G, or the antigravity treadmill for 5 min at 68%weight then 10 min at 70%weight.  The seated step machine with round pads under my feet for maybe 4 to 6 min which really worked my calf, ankle, and foot on my broken foot side.

These times and amounts seem so small and it seems forever having gotten to this point but I am progressing and its exciting.  I cant wait to drive again! 

I am hoping to keep up my good work and walk solely with one crutch.  Pain has finally subsided and I enjoyed muscle fatigue in my right calf and foot.  I never thought I would be happy about muscle fatigue,  guess its all in what you have to compare too.

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