Sunday, November 29, 2015

Crutch free

I forgot to post (good sign right?). 

On November 19th at therapy I was made to walk crutch free. That night I had a bought of determination and decided that I wanted to remain crutch free so begining November 20th I am oficially crutch free with one exception. My exception is the swimming pool, its slippery so I use my knee walker and have my sister help/spot me. I use the boot at night when my foot is tired but mostly I am device free. Seams like its taken forever and I still experience pain and swelling but my hobble is slowly looking like a walk.

I so miss driving that I am thinking of sneaking out to the car and seeing what it feels like. I am unsure how the movement will be so just going down the road and back. Nothing major as I am still legally liable until the doctor clears me, but I see him later this week :-) 

Dreaming of embracing my new freedom with christmas lights and hot chocolate, maybe even some shopping.

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