Wednesday, October 14, 2015

9 weeks post surgery

I keep being asked how its going.  Well, I am still NWB till next week. I still try to do things using my knee scooter. Not sure how much up time I get before the foot looks this purple blue color. The good news is I elevate it and the color gets happy again.  Usually thats the only symptom but sometimes some asleep sortof tingles or swelling comes on too. I have also experienced some odd temperature changes in the foot. It will be cold or hot for no apparent reason. If I notice any reasons I will happily input that. Pain is usually low, not gone but enough for me to easily push forward in somewhat daily life.  My lifestyle wasn't particularly zealously active but I cant wait to get my freedom back. I been trying to figure out how I might get in and out of the pool if I get someone to drive me.....

Sadly I am adjusting to my new lifestyle and I am not sure thats such a good thing.

83 days post injury
64 days post surgery
Aka 9 weeks post surgery

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